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About Me

My journey in DC

I am a girl living in Asia. Found out Dragcave because of sleepalice. Joined on 27Dec2018. Grabbed Starsinger as my first and second egg and get confused. Learned and discovered. Traded dragons because I only understand how that works even though I was sometimes not very clear about what the others were asking for. Registered forum account and did not realise I need to post in Introduce Yourself to get access to the other posts. Left at April 2019.

Joined back at late October 2019 and get into the forum again. Finally got what it means to Introduce Yourself. Participated in Secret Santa Event. Met my giftee, Schenanigans. (Ohya after that I found out the stupid me forgot to influence the egg and gifted wrong gender hatchlings. Sorry Schen! XD). Got my first chicken from my gifter, Xasora. Bumped into the world of spiriters altkin. Get in Discord. Collecting some SA from gifting-free-for-all. Thanks to kiez, Infinis, kait, Tikigurl, jazeki, papaver and more... for their offspring from there. And also some from AP, thanks for catzrule1990 and Schenanigans. The SA mass breeding on May 1st got me scroll locked for 3 days 😂. Thanks BlueLatios, miaou, Schen, Rosa for their offsprings! And during that time I got my first frozen hatchling as 1000th dragon but I released it because I am not used to frozen babies. 

Joined some other events in Forum. Grabbed Valentine beauties. Get eaten by the April fool dragon. Grabbed Easter eggs. Bought one gold and got two gold from the market. Asked and got pinged by TJ. (OMG, such an honour). Then, I met amazing people for sAltkins. Love ya, Miaou! Getting more and more serious with DC. Request 2G SA from spiriters. Met with the one who I found inspiration to create this site when she approached me for some 2Gs 🎉. 

Spent more time on DC rather than my studies. Crazy about SA. And I guess I can say that I had lost my sanity that I even built this site. Probably because I don't want to do my homework 😂. 

Anyway, have fun swiping around! 

My Lineage Project

Caligene altkin - (6/12/2020-done) link 

Caligene altkin 2 - (11/27/2020-done) link

Lunar Herald - (6/15/2020-done) link

Lunar Herald 2 - halfway, stubborn dergs

Seasonal(reversed): progressing

Will post the link after I done XD. Feel free to poke me if you would like to do bloodswap or have the lineage. (not include Caligene altkin 2)

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