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Dragcave 2G Breeding-Zhiyi1015

Information Page


Welcome! 🎉

This site is to breed 2Gs from my Christmas and Valentine Dragons and my other dragons for completing/doing lineages. I am finding help for my lineages and completing my scroll too. Any help is deeply appreciated as I know I am going to face some horrors during holiday breeding seasons. 

Halloween Dragons are currently not available as I do not have many CBs of them. 

Christmas and Valentine Dragons that are available for breeding during Breeding season and off season are listed here together with my breeding schedule. 

Includes what I need/wish for. Look at my funny wishlist with unexpected amount of commons needed. 

Ways to poke me and how I poke back you. 

My journey in DC (〃∀〃) with awesome people I met. 

(~ ̄▽ˉ) (ˉ▽ ̄~)