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Dragcave 2G Breeding-Zhiyi1015


Requesting & Trading

How to Request

Nah there is no how. My time here is +12 of DC time, this means it is 12pm here when DC starts a new day. I am usually not around from DC 1pm-4am. Interesting right. Busy life, lazy me. 🎉 

DC Forum: Zhiyi1015

Discord: Ducass#5094


OR you can use the email and chat features at the bottom of About Me page. 

Just poke me with whatever you want then I will reply you someday, I mean, hours later, I guess. 

During Requesting:

  •  Please tell me if you have an egg slot or how many hours till you can accept the egg when requesting so I can avoid putting the teleport link too early. 
  • For time based dragons (Lunar Herald, Fire Gem, Seasonal, Lumina), please state the specific time slot/date(based on DC time) you want the offspring to be born. I am lazy to check the calendar so if the offspring is not what you wanted because of your own mistake, just yeet it :) 

After Trading:

  • I will send you the link when they produce successfully. 
  • You may keep the miscolored/alted offspring. I will continue until you get what you requested if you want. 

    *Please note that I will not hatch it for you to check if it is an alt/correct color. 

      Remember to check properly what you need so you can avoid wasting your time on the eggs you do not need! 😉

      You may not kill or abandon them.
      Freezing is not encouraged because I breed them to help people with their lineages. Not for display. >.<

      Trading/Gifting is acceptable.

      Lastly, please feel free to poke me anytime if I forgot to breed for you. Or when you just feel like poking me?
      Don't poke me with a knife, I will give you a kick in your bu..., oof no, I will poke you back =) with my sword.
      Just kidding, I am very polite. Hehe.
      (~ ̄^ ̄~)